Star Wars Made Me A Better Woman

I miss Carrie Fisher was the first thought I had after seeing “The Last Jedi.” Fisher, for good reason, has become a feminist icon, a voice of reason in a world gone mad.

Now she’s gone. And I so desperately wish to believe in the Force; that no one is ever truly gone.

However, the fact remains that we are left in a Carrie-less world, no matter how much “TLJ” made me forget that.

I loved “TLJ.” I think it is seconded only to “Rogue One,” and even then it’s a close call. Part of the reason for this is that Carrie Fisher is no longer Princess Leia in my eyes, but General Organa. Without spoiling too much of the movie, we see a whole lot of Leia leading the Resistance like a boss. Slave Leia who?

In my generation, it wasn’t cool for the girls to like Star Wars. I wanted to fit in, to be one of the cool kids, but I just wasn’t. I was obsessive in my likes, including Star Wars. I revered Obi-Wan Kenobi, and he’s still one of my favorites today. I personally think Ewan McGregor was one of the best things about the prequels, and he definitely helped my fondness for Old Ben.

But now we’re in the age of women coming forward, being loud and outspoken, and we’re getting what we need. What I needed was General Organa. Leia was clearly a product for love interest in the original trilogy, but she picked up a blaster and went into battle. She fought alongside the rebels and General Organa was born.

Finally I realized, who says she can’t be both Princess Leia and General Organa? The most important facet of feminism is equality and that’s usually applied to the male-female relationship. However, equality among women still needs some work. Women are either too slutty or prudish, too kind or bitchy, wear too much make up to be a feminist, and we’re saying all of this to one another.

We need to start accepting one another as we are before we can expect the dudes to do it, too. We have to understand that a woman is worthy at her Princess and at her General. A woman is worthy if she’s neither.

In the current political climate, I’ve needed a lot of help. For a while, it seemed that women were fighting an uphill battle and sinking. I needed to see Carrie Fisher as a badass general once more to remind myself not to lose hope. Women are starting businesses. Women are speaking out against their harassers, abusers and rapists. We’re fighting.

I’ve been fighting and I was exhausted… until I left the movie theater.

As I was walking out with my friend, there was a small group of teenage girls just in front of us. They had all banded together to see the movie, and were discussing Snoke’s portrayal in “TLJ.”

And I felt something that I honestly haven’t felt in ages. I felt hopeful.

I don’t know if it’s cool for young girls to like Star Wars, but they loved it. They were unashamed and they were together, supporting each other.

They’re the future.

I teared up many times during the movie, carefully blotting my glittery eyeshadow donned specifically in Fisher’s memory, but seeing those girls sent me over the edge.

I’ve been so worried about the future of women’s rights; it’s been scary out there. But we’re fighters and we’ve got an entire generation of women who have seen General Organa and are ready to kick ass when the time comes.

Carrie Fisher drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra, and we’re up to bat.

Get ready, ladies.

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