Resolve To…

New Year’s resolutions are hit or miss. We either aim low at something we know we can achieve while missing the opportunity to grow, or we set ourselves up for failure with ridiculous expectations.

Still, every year the resolutions fill headlines – how to keep resolutions fills headlines – and by February we’re left feeling meh.

This year, set yourself up for some life-changing opportunities. Challenge yourself with achievable goals.

Resolve to love yourself unconditionally.

This is hard because we’re our own worst enemies sometimes. We diet and exercise and feel shameful for the vanity of it all, or we don’t and guilt ourselves. The thing to remember is that whatever you’re doing doesn’t necessarily reflect your worth. You are worthy of love, and you are worthy of loving yourself.

Resolve to like yourself.

They sound similar, but loving yourself and liking yourself are two different obstacles. Once you’re able to see your own worth, find what makes you want to hang out with you. Maybe you think you’re funny, maybe you enjoy your sarcasm or maybe you just think you have cool hair. Whatever you like about yourself, find it. Spend time with it. Get to know yourself again.

Resolve to touch yourself.

It doesn’t have to be intimately (though I 100% encourage it), but let your hands do the loving or liking. We bathe, put on lotion, wash our hands – but do we ever feel ourselves? There’s a lot of chatter about mindfulness, but here’s where you can practice it easily. Run your hands over your body and notice every part of you without judgement – notice, and move on to the next part. Get to know yourself physically. And be nice to yourself, dammit!

Resolve to do what you enjoy.

We get busy. We work, spend time with friends and family, take care of pets, go to school and have countless other responsibilities. It’s still important to set aside time for the things we enjoy. Make a date with yourself that you can’t break and do the thing.

Ellen DeGeneres always says, “be kind to one another.” That includes yourself. Like yourself, love yourself, touch yourself, date yourself. Then, spread the good vibes.

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