Yoga For Arousal

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for the last few years, and I’m a firm believer in its healing powers. Now, yoga isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t like it, don’t feel “zen” – whatever. This isn’t an attempt to sell you on yoga. This is an attempt to sell you on some yoga poses to help you feel aroused. Whether you want sex with a partner, solo work, or maybe you just like to feel aroused, these poses are openers – particularly to bodies with vaginas.


Cat/Cow is usually a warm-up move in yoga, and it’s a good warm-up if you wanna get it on. Start on all fours on your ma – stack your shoulders over your wrists; hips over knees about hip-width apart. As you inhale, drop the stomach as your chest radiates forward and allow your butt to really stick out here. Exhale into cat by arching your back and drawing your belly to your spine. For some added flavor, throw in some movement by drawing figure eights with the hips while you inhale and exhale through your pose.


Start flat on your back and inch your shoulder blades together. Begin to lift your hips with your hands pressing down on your mat. I always like to bring my hands together, clasped beneath my back on the mat and lift the hips just a tad higher. Raise your chest to meet your chin, then slightly lift the chin. Then, as you exhale, release your hands and lower your back, rolling down the spine.

Happy Baby

Happy Baby is a flat-out welcome to your vagina. If you’re looking for a sexually empowered pose – this is a good one. Lie flat on your back and scoop your legs up so your shins are parallel with the floor. Grab the outsides of your feet and press your feet into your hands. For some added energy, rock side to side or take turns extending one leg and then the other.

Balance/Forward Fold

Generally, any kind of open-legged forward bend is going to be a good place to open up. Balancing poses are also surprisingly good for the libido. Balances engage your core and the inner thigh muscles which sends a lot of heat to those areas.


Don’t forget to breath. The best benefit yoga provides is helping you tap into a diaphragmatic breath while moving with that breath. Finding your breath is another way you learn about your body and will help you tap into that pleasure.

As always, proceed with caution. Don’t push yourself. If your backbend is a little shallow, just let your body tell you where to go. As Adriene Mishler, my absolute favorite yogi, says, find what feels good. Each time you can push yourself a little further. Don’t be afraid to build a little heat; that rush of endorphins is only going to help.

As an added benefit, play some music that puts you in the mood. Familiarize yourself with the music and move with it.

Stay aroused, friends.

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