Sex Positivity Doesn’t Mean You Want Sex

The sex positivity movement has roots in feminism with women taking power over and being shameless surrounding our sexuality. This isn’t an all-inclusive approach, but there’s room for all voices in the sex positive movement – there has to be.

One of the common misconceptions is that you have to brag about sex, talk about masturbation and parade this for the world to see, which isn’t the case.

Being sex positive means having a healthy relationship with your sexuality regardless of where it is on the spectrum. No matter who you want to have sex with or what turns you on, you have a place here. If that means you’re asexual or gray-sexual, you still have a voice in the sex positivity movement.

There’s a ton of sex everywhere in pop culture, so it seems hard to escape feeling like you need to have sex to belong. But you don’t. Sex positivity isn’t about only talking about what gets us off; it’s also about accepting that maybe nothing does and that’s okay.

I’ve said it in almost every article so far, so here it is again: You are worthy of loving yourself. You deserve to love yourself. And while the sex positive movement may suggest otherwise in the mainstream, you can love yourself without touching yourself. That is normal. That is okay.

You are normal. You are okay.

But what if absolutely none of these labels fits you? The same applies: you have a voice in this movement. As we’ve discovered, human sexuality is a spectrum, which means that the sex positive movement must also exist on a spectrum.

One day we may have all the answers, but I’m of the belief that we will continue to learn more as we encounter more scientific and technological advances. I believe that there are people who exist that don’t have a label for their experiences yet.

If that is the case, just because we don’t have a name for you doesn’t mean that we should exclude you. We welcome you and encourage you to discuss your experience, but we owe it to you to listen without judgement. So, make sure you demand that of us.

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