Women and Masturbation – The Complex Relationship

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Masturbation is a very healthy and common act people of all genders engage in. Although, the one two tango between women and their own lady parts is an interesting and complicated relationship. The general consensus is that females who masturbate are less likely to be happy in their current sexual relationship, but is a misconception. The following graphic from The Huffington Post illustrates how often women vs men masturbate in 2009:

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Women who are older do not tend to masturbate due to rigid conservative gender roles. According to Hersolution, “There are some women who would do it more than once everyday, with 22 percent of women admitting that they touch their selves to orgasm daily.” We’ve come a long way since 2009 because of the desire to be more open to sexual experiences with the familiarity of the internet. Although, “especially for single women, those who are in a relationship who masturbate more for their partners […] can result to more openness in matters of sex.” Masturbating in relationships tends to end in more successful sexual relationships because of the more familiarity of the body.

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Most women are not very educated about masturbation when they get older. As I discovered when asking around, the first time most women are turned onto sex is when they are about 11 years old. Although they are young when they are turned onto sex they do not touch themselves until many years later. There is a layer of discretion and shame that is not addressed in male masturbation. Women are supposed to be chaste specimens, but that is not healthy in the modern world where masturbation is the key to really getting to know oneself.

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If you’re looking for reasons to touch yourself, there are plenty. Masturbation can “bring relief against the menstrual cramps and back aches that come with your period.” Hersoulution brings some insight: “when you masturbate, use lube instead of your own saliva to make yourself wet down there. Yes, playing with yourself can help you fight against the candida virus, but saliva messes with the bacteria on the vaginal area, which can lead to yeast infections.”

A lot of people masturbate, including women. According to Hersolution, “four out of every ten women prefer playing with themselves than actually doing it with a real person. Experts have made a safe estimate of more than 50 percent women touch themselves once in a while.” Just remember that there is nothing wrong with experimenting with yourself when you are alone. It is completely healthy.

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