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Oral Health is Health

Oral Health is Health Because of some terrifying childhood experiences, I’ve since been afraid of the dentist. Add my generalized anxiety on top of that and every cleaning becomes An Event. When my hygienist begins The Scraping of the Teeth, my entire body tenses. In all seriousness, I have to consciously untense every single muscle… Continue reading Oral Health is Health

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BDSM – Fact Against Fiction

What is BDSM exactly? The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health defines "BDSM to indicate an inclusive concern for people interested in bondage (B), domination (D), submission (S), sadism (the same “S”) and masochism (M). When citing research that uses the term SM (alternately “S/M” and “S&M”), we keep the term. Sometimes BDSM is… Continue reading BDSM – Fact Against Fiction

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State of Emergency for Sex Education

Everyone knows that sex education is one of those "easy A's" you get just for showing up. There has never been anything of substance to be taught in these classes. Looking back I am quite appalled by what I was "taught" in school: mainly that if you have sex you will get STDs and will… Continue reading State of Emergency for Sex Education

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The Truth About Nocturnal Emissions

A wet dream is usually the punch line in many stories of male puberty, but what does it really mean? A nocturnal emission is defined as "an involuntary discharge of semen during sleep often accompanied by an erotic dream." This definition is slightly incorrect because it immediately dismisses the ability of a female emission. Not… Continue reading The Truth About Nocturnal Emissions

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Sex Robots: The Future of Sexual Fantasy

New and crazy gadgets are popping up everywhere for new sexual experiences. Any type of sex machine can be found. This is not limited to lifelike artificial intelligence which is a booming market in the modern world. A vast expanse of different models of sex dolls are available to purchase, but is this a healthy… Continue reading Sex Robots: The Future of Sexual Fantasy

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How to Define Healthy Sex

Healthy sex: what is it? What healthy sex boils down to is respect. Each partner has different goals and boundaries so communication is key. Many people have notions of what a healthy sexual relationship is like and they all have nuggets of truth within them. A healthy sexual relationship revolves around consent. Consent comes in… Continue reading How to Define Healthy Sex

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Blessed With A Body

Journalist Dennis Thompson, Jr. wrote, "Women are blessed with bodies that are capable of achieving orgasm in more ways than one." Sometimes it doesn't feel like a blessing. Between the stress of getting periods, or periods that don't arrive when they should; cancer or just maintaining general health, our bodies don't often feel like blessings.… Continue reading Blessed With A Body