Rape Kits and What You Should Know About Them

Trigger warning: Rape, forensic exams, assault. Law and Order SVU was a staple in my parent's household. Growing up, I can't remember a single week where at some point that show wasn't on in the Balcom livingroom. While I don't remember being scared by any of the violence the show portrays, I do remember a… Continue reading Rape Kits and What You Should Know About Them


How to Identify an Abusive Relationship

Abuse occurs in many different types of relationships. Not just those spousal abuse cases, but the everyday friend/loved one abuse as well. It is not okay to ever feel belittled or out of place, especially by those who claim to love you. Those hidden door actions that no one ever speaks up against, especially when we… Continue reading How to Identify an Abusive Relationship


When Women Aren’t People

Chloe Dykstra’s essay was a shock to me, and then it wasn’t. I didn’t want the manipulative and abusive behavior to come from the person about whom we all knew she was writing. On the heels of one of Arouse’s very own pieces regarding abuse in Hollywood, I didn’t want Chris Hardwick to be one… Continue reading When Women Aren’t People