The Not-So-New Act of Stealthing

Trigger warnings: stealthing, sexual assault. No, we're not talking about stealthing in terms of gaming or gender. I wish. Stealthing: the act of removing a condom during sex without the consent of the partner. In 2010, the term was used to describe someone who had intercourse with an individual without disclosing their HIV/STI status, putting… Continue reading The Not-So-New Act of Stealthing


Bad Sex: We’ve All Been There, But Women Have Been There More

Trigger warning: sexual assault, force, coercion. Condom breakage, disturbing smells, surprising fetishes, awkward moments, back-breaking positions, nonexistent erection or lubrication, and faking orgasms: bad sex. When someone is describing bad sex, we're all capable of conjuring up similar memories. Whether it was with a partner or a hook up, drunk or sober, sex can be… Continue reading Bad Sex: We’ve All Been There, But Women Have Been There More


Feminism and BDSM: A Coexistence

Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Science Center recently hosted a 21+ Sex, Love, and Science night where adults could enjoy the center kids free, explore the science behind sex and the human body, all while enjoying those adult beverages we love so much. The night included events such as a science speed dating session and a large-scale simulation… Continue reading Feminism and BDSM: A Coexistence