Because I Said So

The words will never leave my ears: “Because I said so.” If I didn’t want to do something and asked why I had to do it, that was my mom’s answer. I thought that as a person who doesn’t want kids that I would be exempt from ever uttering this phrase. However, my recent exploits… Continue reading Because I Said So


How To Get Over A Break Up: As Told By Science

We've all been there. Whether you were sixteen at the sidelines of the Homecoming dance floor, or twenty-eight alone in a bed for the first time in six years. I was recently in a heart-wrenching, hope-killing, fulfilling-the-man-hating-feminist-stereotype, break up. After nearly three years and in the midst of many friends' engagements, it all came to… Continue reading How To Get Over A Break Up: As Told By Science


Online Dating Was Made To Destroy Me

As all sane women do, I texted one of my best friends before swiping:  Just downloaded a dating app. Panic is setting in. What. The. Fuck. As all best friends do, her response came in two messages: It’s not Tinder is it? Lol SWIPE To be fair, I probably should have just downloaded Tinder. Coming… Continue reading Online Dating Was Made To Destroy Me