Rape Kits and What You Should Know About Them

Trigger warning: Rape, forensic exams, assault. Law and Order SVU was a staple in my parent's household. Growing up, I can't remember a single week where at some point that show wasn't on in the Balcom livingroom. While I don't remember being scared by any of the violence the show portrays, I do remember a… Continue reading Rape Kits and What You Should Know About Them


The Not-So-New Act of Stealthing

Trigger warnings: stealthing, sexual assault. No, we're not talking about stealthing in terms of gaming or gender. I wish. Stealthing: the act of removing a condom during sex without the consent of the partner. In 2010, the term was used to describe someone who had intercourse with an individual without disclosing their HIV/STI status, putting… Continue reading The Not-So-New Act of Stealthing