How To Get Over A Break Up: As Told By Science

We've all been there. Whether you were sixteen at the sidelines of the Homecoming dance floor, or twenty-eight alone in a bed for the first time in six years. I was recently in a heart-wrenching, hope-killing, fulfilling-the-man-hating-feminist-stereotype, break up. After nearly three years and in the midst of many friends' engagements, it all came to… Continue reading How To Get Over A Break Up: As Told By Science


Online Dating Was Made To Destroy Me

As all sane women do, I texted one of my best friends before swiping:  Just downloaded a dating app. Panic is setting in. What. The. Fuck. As all best friends do, her response came in two messages: It’s not Tinder is it? Lol SWIPE To be fair, I probably should have just downloaded Tinder. Coming… Continue reading Online Dating Was Made To Destroy Me


The Atheist of Romance

Women are notoriously stereotyped as being romantics in the bedroom. We are often painted as stargazed, sappy love-makers and when placed on top of man, we are best known for our ultimate portrayal of experiencing "the best orgasm ever" brought on by the most romantic of all love-making, respectively. Unfortunately, I'm one of the women… Continue reading The Atheist of Romance