How to Identify an Abusive Relationship

Abuse occurs in many different types of relationships. Not just those spousal abuse cases, but the everyday friend/loved one abuse as well. It is not okay to ever feel belittled or out of place, especially by those who claim to love you. Those hidden door actions that no one ever speaks up against, especially when we… Continue reading How to Identify an Abusive Relationship


Resolve To…

New Year's resolutions are hit or miss. We either aim low at something we know we can achieve while missing the opportunity to grow, or we set ourselves up for failure with ridiculous expectations. Still, every year the resolutions fill headlines - how to keep resolutions fills headlines - and by February we're left feeling… Continue reading Resolve To…


Practicing Body Positivity

In 2016, we started feeling better about our bodies. Now in 2017, we're seeing more body positivity and inclusivity in fashion and lifestyle industries. That didn't happen over night. Just a few years ago in 2014, we were feeling pretty crappy about ourselves. It took a lot of work and pushing. There was an obvious… Continue reading Practicing Body Positivity