Because I Said So

The words will never leave my ears: “Because I said so.” If I didn’t want to do something and asked why I had to do it, that was my mom’s answer. I thought that as a person who doesn’t want kids that I would be exempt from ever uttering this phrase. However, my recent exploits… Continue reading Because I Said So


The Not-So-New Act of Stealthing

Trigger warnings: stealthing, sexual assault. No, we're not talking about stealthing in terms of gaming or gender. I wish. Stealthing: the act of removing a condom during sex without the consent of the partner. In 2010, the term was used to describe someone who had intercourse with an individual without disclosing their HIV/STI status, putting… Continue reading The Not-So-New Act of Stealthing


Bad Sex: We’ve All Been There, But Women Have Been There More

Trigger warning: sexual assault, force, coercion. Condom breakage, disturbing smells, surprising fetishes, awkward moments, back-breaking positions, nonexistent erection or lubrication, and faking orgasms: bad sex. When someone is describing bad sex, we're all capable of conjuring up similar memories. Whether it was with a partner or a hook up, drunk or sober, sex can be… Continue reading Bad Sex: We’ve All Been There, But Women Have Been There More


Women and Masturbation – The Complex Relationship

Masturbation is a very healthy and common act people of all genders engage in. Although, the one two tango between women and their own lady parts is an interesting and complicated relationship. The general consensus is that females who masturbate are less likely to be happy in their current sexual relationship, but is a misconception.… Continue reading Women and Masturbation – The Complex Relationship


Sex Sells: Escorting Effects on Human Trafficking

Escorting in the Modern Era discussed the rate at which men in America purchase sex, the lacking research in the escorting industry, and Jay and Emily's personal experiences escorting. They reported that while they feel financially and personally empowered in their work, they can't help but to be weighted down by society's views of sex… Continue reading Sex Sells: Escorting Effects on Human Trafficking


How To Fall Asleep During Sex: The Fantasy Chapter

I used to waste my Xanax at bedtime. I couldn't sleep. There was too much running around in my mind: work, people, money - you name it, it was in there. I read a blog that suggested imagining you are painting numbers in the air, so one at a time, in chronological fashion, I created… Continue reading How To Fall Asleep During Sex: The Fantasy Chapter

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The Truth About Nocturnal Emissions

A wet dream is usually the punch line in many stories of male puberty, but what does it really mean? A nocturnal emission is defined as "an involuntary discharge of semen during sleep often accompanied by an erotic dream." This definition is slightly incorrect because it immediately dismisses the ability of a female emission. Not… Continue reading The Truth About Nocturnal Emissions