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Oral Health is Health

Oral Health is Health Because of some terrifying childhood experiences, I’ve since been afraid of the dentist. Add my generalized anxiety on top of that and every cleaning becomes An Event. When my hygienist begins The Scraping of the Teeth, my entire body tenses. In all seriousness, I have to consciously untense every single muscle… Continue reading Oral Health is Health

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State of Emergency for Sex Education

Everyone knows that sex education is one of those "easy A's" you get just for showing up. There has never been anything of substance to be taught in these classes. Looking back I am quite appalled by what I was "taught" in school: mainly that if you have sex you will get STDs and will… Continue reading State of Emergency for Sex Education


The Color of Sexual Violence

Trigger warning: abuse, rape, sexual violence, assault. The color of my best coffee mug is teal. The color of that one shirt I've owned since 16 is teal. The weird wind chime my mother picked up at last year's flea market is teal. The color of sexual assault awareness is teal. In the United States,… Continue reading The Color of Sexual Violence


Little Lacy Things: The Art of Feeling Sexy in Lingerie

The allure of almost seeing what you desire is arguably better than bare skin. According to Dictionary.com, lingerie has been around since 1825-35 France, and I think we can all agree that the French know a thing or two about romance. Four brassieres from the Middle Ages have been discovered in a debris-filled vault of… Continue reading Little Lacy Things: The Art of Feeling Sexy in Lingerie


Bad Sex: We’ve All Been There, But Women Have Been There More

Trigger warning: sexual assault, force, coercion. Condom breakage, disturbing smells, surprising fetishes, awkward moments, back-breaking positions, nonexistent erection or lubrication, and faking orgasms: bad sex. When someone is describing bad sex, we're all capable of conjuring up similar memories. Whether it was with a partner or a hook up, drunk or sober, sex can be… Continue reading Bad Sex: We’ve All Been There, But Women Have Been There More


The Atheist of Romance

Women are notoriously stereotyped as being romantics in the bedroom. We are often painted as stargazed, sappy love-makers and when placed on top of man, we are best known for our ultimate portrayal of experiencing "the best orgasm ever" brought on by the most romantic of all love-making, respectively. Unfortunately, I'm one of the women… Continue reading The Atheist of Romance

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How to Define Healthy Sex

Healthy sex: what is it? What healthy sex boils down to is respect. Each partner has different goals and boundaries so communication is key. Many people have notions of what a healthy sexual relationship is like and they all have nuggets of truth within them. A healthy sexual relationship revolves around consent. Consent comes in… Continue reading How to Define Healthy Sex