New York Finally Able to Provide for Those Entering the Mensuration Station

In this ever growing world, positivity reverberates and great strides towards equality are being made in the United States of America. Most recently, on April 2nd, New York has become the third state to provide free menstrual products to schools from grades 6 through 12. This is amazing because every girl has had the unfortunate… Continue reading New York Finally Able to Provide for Those Entering the Mensuration Station


Practicing Body Positivity

In 2016, we started feeling better about our bodies. Now in 2017, we're seeing more body positivity and inclusivity in fashion and lifestyle industries. That didn't happen over night. Just a few years ago in 2014, we were feeling pretty crappy about ourselves. It took a lot of work and pushing. There was an obvious… Continue reading Practicing Body Positivity


Star Wars Made Me A Better Woman

I miss Carrie Fisher was the first thought I had after seeing "The Last Jedi." Fisher, for good reason, has become a feminist icon, a voice of reason in a world gone mad. Now she's gone. And I so desperately wish to believe in the Force; that no one is ever truly gone. However, the… Continue reading Star Wars Made Me A Better Woman

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Blessed With A Body

Journalist Dennis Thompson, Jr. wrote, "Women are blessed with bodies that are capable of achieving orgasm in more ways than one." Sometimes it doesn't feel like a blessing. Between the stress of getting periods, or periods that don't arrive when they should; cancer or just maintaining general health, our bodies don't often feel like blessings.… Continue reading Blessed With A Body